SuperFoods From A-Z

SuperFoods From A-Z


Superfoods From A-Z is a fun, easy to use cookbook for kids and their parents. It provides 26+ (one for each letter of the alphabet) plant-based recipes that are kid friendly along with basic nutrition lessons that read like a children's book instead of a science book. 

While this eBook won’t guarantee that your child learns to love vegetables or chooses broccoli over chicken nuggets. It will introduce you and your kids to healthy new foods they might not try otherwise; clear up misconceptions about familiar health foods; and provide creative tips and tricks for introducing super nutritious options to your family. 

At the very least, you’ll come out with some new family favorites, learn a little more about how to fuel your body (and your kids) and teach them to try new things. Calie's oldest son discovered he loved blueberries in the creation of this book and her youngest son discovered he’s a fan of raw onion…explain that one? So, you really never know until you try. Don’t assume a food isn’t kid friendly. Let them decide.

The recipes that follow don’t include exotic, hard to find ingredients like blue algae or reishi mushrooms. Although, those are both great superfoods. They do include a wide variety of healthy, real foods that will help you crowd out the less energizing and nutrient poor choices as you replace them with foods that help you grow a strong, healthy family and gut!


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