21 Day Sugar Detox

21 Day Sugar Detox


We have created a weekly meal plan to help you feel fueled and satisfied on this 3 week journey, but remember that these are tools to inspire and guide you.


They are not “prescriptive” and it’s not necessary to follow them exactly to experience the benefits of this detox. It is necessary to follow them conceptually.


If you’ve ever tried to break up with sugar, you know this is a relationship with ties that can be hard to sever. Not only are we biologically hardwired to receive pleasure from sweet treats, we are socially conditioned to associate cakes and goodies with celebration, enjoyment, and fun. 


So our mindsets and our biology seem to be working against us before we even get started. Combine that with the fact that our food choices throughout our life have created a gut microbiome thriving with sugar raving bacteria and starved out or essentially deactivated those that thrive off the foods we haven’t been giving them like greens and veggies.


The good news is those little guys living in our guts who play such a big role in what we crave, the quality of our digestion, our energy, our immune strength our inflammation levels and so much more…they start to change in as little as 3-4 days and you can make dramatic adjustments in 21 days if you are consistent.


Our goal with the 21 Day Sugar Detox isn’t just to “eat clean” or eliminate sugar. The goal is to help you better nourish yourself with foods that support your body’s healing and rebuilding processes every day so you can literally create a healthier you one cell, one meal, one day at a time. We’re changing your cravings, changing your gut microbiome, increasing the diversity of good bacteria, the number of good bacteria and starting a chain reaction that can benefit every body system long term.


When you hear the word detox, you may think of an extreme nutritional detoxes, like a juice cleanse. That is not this! Contrary to popular belief, detoxing your nutrition can be an enjoyable process that doesn’t involve extreme deprivation.