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C&N Wellness Calie Calabrese Nic Heffern

When the immune system is functioning properly, we don’t even notice its existence. Have you ever considered what life would be like without an immune system? For starters, we would have no way to defend ourselves against disease-causing germs. To understand not only what the immune system does, but how it works, you first need to learn about the individual components of this complex mechanism. To help, we’ve created an educational email series on The Role of Immunity!


You will learn about different parts of your immune system, and how to ensure optimal functioning of it all. Join us to learn some expert tips to help improve your immune wellness!

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C&N Wellness Calie Calabrese Nic Heffern

Chances are you already know that too much sugar is unhealthy, but you may not understand why or how exactly to define what is "too much."


Did you know the average American is eating about 20 teaspoons of ADDED sugars per day? This doesn’t include natural sugars from food like fruit and milk. Even if you’re trying to cut down on your added sugar intake, there are likely many hidden sources in the food you eat every day. 

Find out how much sugar you are likely consuming, what to look for on food labels, and which foods to avoid during a sugar detox by joining in on the conversation.

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