Calie Calabrese

Calie Calabrese is a nutrition and lifestyle coach with a passion for walking alongside her clients as they discover their unique path to enhanced health. She’s a former healthy living expert for Fox 17 in Nashville, TN and has worked with major brands including Seventh Generation, Udi’s, Applegate and Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital to promote healthy lifestyle practices. Calie’s personal health journey began nearly a decade ago when she decided she was sick and tired of feeling sick and tired! She started educating herself on holistic healing and making necessary lifestyle changes to overcome a host of health issues including anxiety, allergies, MTHFR, PANDAS and gluten-intolerance.

By changing her lifestyle - starting with food - Calie improved her health and the health of her family. She’s learned that life has a way of throwing you curveballs, but there’s always an opportunity to learn from them.

Calie graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and studied the art of vegan and vegetarian cooking via Rouxbe, the world’s leading online cooking school. She’s been a certified BarreAmped and YogaFit instructor!

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I was the unhealthiest, healthy person I knew. A certified holistic health coach, struggling with chronic anxiety, mood swings, weight loss plateaus, eczema and skin irritations, difficulty sleeping, chronic inflammation with precursors to Lupus, allergies, 11 food sensitivities, leaky gut and more. I was falling apart. I technically knew what all the experts thought I “should I do”. I tried literally every dietary theory out there, but I lacked consistency, the proper mindset for long-term success and understanding of my unique body vs. scientific theory for the masses. So you could say wherever you’re coming from, I understand, I can likely relate, and I can help!


In my private coaching, I help my clients stop trying to duplicate what’s working for that girl on Instagram and start finding what actually works for them. Your body is unique and your solution will be unique too. Yes, there are concepts that are universal, but the journey looks different on everyone. Together, we’ll identify what health and wellness means to you because it’s more than just a number on a scale or the tag of your jeans, We’ll also identify the fears and limiting beliefs that have been holding you hostage (likely without your knowledge). 


The clients I work with experience transformation beyond weight loss and physical change - they find true joy and confidence - a mindset transformation that allows the to gain control of their lives without deprivation. They finally experience food freedom on the path to building their healthiest body and mind. 


Are you ready to take control of your journey? Are you ready to enjoy living healthy? To make it a lifestyle you love to live?


Nic Heffernan is a business owner, former athlete and a recovering meat and carb addict turned plant-based. He spent most of his life playing and coaching soccer, which kept him fit on the outside, but his eating habits caught up with him and his insides resulting in 8 surgeries. 


Since becoming Plant-Based, Nic has seen a complete transformation in both his mental and physical health. His desire to see athletes, parents, and youth in general, live up to their potential and avoid the health challenges he faced which inspired him to co-write both "Plant-Based Cookbook...Well Kind Of" and "Superfoods From A-Z".

It is his goal to make sure that anyone could start eating healthier without special cooking skills or gadgets while also ensuring they walked away with some basic nutrition knowledge to keep them motivated on their journey to better health.

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With a degree in sports kinesiology and over 10 years of coaching experience, I have all of the head knowledge to help my clients achieve long-term health. But head knowledge usually isn’t enough. It’s my personal journey, my loss of a business alongside my health battles, and my recovery from 8 surgeries that gave me the experience and mindset shift I needed to create my “no bullshit” approach to my health and helping others. 


In my private coaching, I help my clients work through the mental challenges and excuses that are holding them back from living as the most empowered versions of themselves. I support them in taking back control of their life, overcoming ego, making the transition to a plant-based lifestyle (not vegan), starting a fitness routine, and embracing the concept of self-care as a man. 

If you’re ready to ignore stereotypes, to tell your ego to shut up, to be called out on your bullshit...if you’re ready to do the work that will help you look and feel better both mentally and physically, I am ready to support you.